REMIT/StromVV documentation

Customers can choose REGIS-TR to conduct the reporting of standardised and non-standardised contracts for all EU wholesale power and natural gas products, as mandated under REMIT. Customers' REGIS-TR reporting solution can also avoid double reporting by using similar services for reporting to the Swiss energy regulator EICom under the framework of StromVV. This section contains important documentation regarding REMIT/StromVV regulatory reporting services including:

Product information

Further information on REGIS-TR’s services for reporting under these two regulations is available in our product information sheet.

FAQs information

REGIS-TR has also produced FAQ documents for both REMIT and StromVV reporting, which provide further details on the regulations and how REGIS-TR can help customers meet the reporting requirements they entail.

Access to testing environment

REGIS-TR provides a dedicated testing environment for REMIT reporting, in order to allow users to familiarise themselves with our reporting systems prior to implementing it operationally. Application forms for the test environment are provided below.