SFTR fee discount for early sign-up

REGIS-TR is making fee discounts of up to 30% available to clients that sign up early for SFTR reporting services.

REGIS-TR launches new UK trade repository

REGIS-TR UK Limited is officially incorporated with UK Companies House to provide transaction reporting services for UK market participants and those reporting on their behalf.

EquiLend and Trax to collaborate on SFTR with REGIS-TR

REGIS-TR will collaborate with EquiLend and Trax to provide an end-to-end reporting solution for Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) requirements.

Making a success of SFTR

As one of the largest trade repositories under EMIR, and in future for SFTR, we answer some of the questions that we are being asked about the new regime. Most importantly, we look at how you can make a success of SFTR.