Customer services

REGIS-TR offers a user-friendly and efficient trade repository solution for the reporting of derivatives trades as required under EMIR and FinfraG.

REGIS-TR’s services have been tailor-made to make it easy for all types of participants to meet their reporting obligations in derivatives and other products. The REGIS-TR “one-stop-shop” will also allow participants to cover requirements stemming from future regulations such as SFTR.

In addition to its core reporting service, REGIS-TR will deliver a comprehensive range of services to further assist market participants with your reporting needs.

Services currently available

  • Reporting compliance for European counterparties under EMIR and FinfraG
  • Aggregated data both:
    • To the public and
    • To the relevant regulators according to each specific regulatory reporting regime 
  • Administrative services:
    • Full flow of lifecycle reporting, reporting acceptance and status feedback
    • Contract custody and archive services (10 years after maturity)
    • Expert, multi-lingual client support to assist with exception management

Future services

  • Specialist, detailed Management Information System (MIS) reporting and other bespoke reports
  • Professional consulting services to support market participants with data mapping etc.
  • Transition management services to assist market participants with porting their reporting from an incumbent Trade Repository to REGIS-TR