Trax Repo & SFTR Working Group

REGIS-TR supporting new SFTR solutions

02.05.2018 08:00 AM
London, UK

REGIS-TR will be participating at the first Trax Repo & SFTR Working Group to speak about its approach, as a Trade Repository, to SFTR. It will be another opportunity for REGIS-TR to provide its expertise on a regulatory topic that is highly significant to the securities financing industry.

The aim of the forum is to discuss the impact of SFTR, in particular on the repo market, and how the Trax Match Repo platform helps address a number of issues. Furthermore, the collaboration between Trax and EquiLend on an interoperable SFTR solution will be discussed and how it intends to resolve the requirements of SFTR. Given the experience that REGIS-TR has garnered in the regulatory reporting area this is an excellent chance to share helpful insights before the implementation of SFTR.