Our offering for SFTR

REGIS-TR New SFTR Platform Guide

Our aim is to provide an expert, efficient and user-friendly trade repository solution for all our SFTR clients.

Our SFTR Platform Guide is also available in German, French and Spanish, and chapterised in English.


As the TR of choice and sister company of Clearstream, BME Clearing and Eurex, we know this market and understand the complexities of SFTR. REGIS-TR combines a strong track record in regulatory reporting with deep expertise in securities lending, repo and collateral management.

Flexible account structure

SFTR is the most complex of the reporting regulations introduced to date, with the main issue for companies and institutions the collection and integration of a huge range of data from a wide variety of sources. Reporting entities will fulfil their obligations in a number of ways: by reporting directly to the TR, or by making delegation arrangements with counterparties, third parties, and/or vendors or infrastructure providers offering full end-to-end or partial solutions.

We offer a highly flexible account structure that will integrate seamlessly with any or all of these reporting options. As just one example, clients that outsource their SFT reporting may, if they wish, open an account with us for direct reporting if required, plus full feedback and reporting on all their submitted SFTs, regardless of who made the reports. For these clients, we also offer a low-cost non-reporting account option.

Automation, collaboration and interoperability

REGIS-TR has set up partnerships with a number of leading vendors and infrastructure providers offering end-to-end SFTR reporting solutions. These companies offer several highly customisable options and combinations of options – direct, delegated and fully or partially vendor-assisted. These systems can enrich the data, pre-match, generate the UTI, pre-validate and reconcile, convert to ISO 20022 and transmit the transactions to REGIS-TR already matched. REGIS-TR validates and responds within an hour, giving time for firms to correct any errors and send the trade back to the TR for reconciliation well within the reporting deadline.

Full, proactive multilingual support

At REGIS-TR, we stay very close to our customers to help them through the entire lifecycle of regulatory reporting. If you have an exception management problem, or a technical issue, we will find you the right person to help.

Our support network, which is free of charge to our clients, offers fluency in all the main European languages in addition to several others. We have an expert Client Services team with profound expertise in technical systems and reporting regulation, with a response time averaging three hours. We work with our clients if an issue proves complex, constantly stress-test our systems and contact a client directly if our monitoring tools detect an unexpected change in reporting patterns.

Our Relationship Managers, who can be contacted directly for assistance with all aspects of our regulatory services, also hold regular user groups throughout Europe to discuss current issues and regulatory developments.

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