REGIS-TR, with our proven track record in regulatory transaction reporting under EMIR and FinfraG solidified its position as a European leader by extending capabilities to offering SFTR. The aim of Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) is to reduce systemic risk to the financial markets by making trading activity more transparent.

REGIS-TR’s comprehensive reporting solution for SFTR enables customers to report either directly, through delegation, or a combination of the two. Participants can use REGIS-TR’s service to report the details of the conclusion, modification and termination of all in-scope SFTs including repos, securities and commodities (loans and borrows), prime brokerage margin lending transactions and collateral re-use, in addition to reporting the associated collateral.

Scope of regulation

  • SFT counterparties must report repurchase, buy/sellback, sell/buyback, securities lending and margin lending transactions to a trade repository by close of business on the next working day.
  • Investment funds must provide detailed disclosure on their SFTs and total return swaps.
  • Parties involved in the reuse of financial instruments must meet minimum conditions, including written agreement and prior consent on the part of the collateral provider.  
  • The regulation applies to:
    • all EU financial and non-financial counterparties
    • all branches of EU counterparties, including those outside the EU
    • third-country entities, if an EU branch concluded the SFT.