The partnership will leverage Nfq’s versatile offering to support clients’ in reporting and monitoring all captured activity and keeping market participants informed of regulatory changes.

Nfq is a leading consultancy combining knowledge of business, technology and operations to provide end-to-end services to their clients and advising businesses on how to best adapt to changes in regulation. Their offering includes monitoring and supervision over all regulatory changes, a reporting engine with direct links to authorised TRs, and full operational support for day-to-day transactional reporting activity.

Nick Bruce, Head of Business Development at REGIS-TR commented “Nfq is a welcome addition to our partnership programme, and we are looking forward to working alongside them to extend the range of support we provide to our clients.”

Daniel López, Senior Manager at Nfq said: "We are pleased to partner with REGIS-TR because this partnership allows us to complete the End to End Transaction Reporting service offered by us."


Media contacts:

Alberto Roa,
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REGIS-TR, a SIX company, is the leading European trade repository offering reporting services covering all the major European trade repository obligations. In accordance with legislation promoting market transparency, the detail of the trades reported is aggregated to present a composite view of current positions for the benefit of regulatory authorities and market participants. REGIS-TR is open to financial and non-financial companies and institutions.