Our Expert Team Supports You through These Changes

As a result of ESMA's review of the Regulatory Fitness and Performance Program ("REFIT"), EMIR REFIT introduces significant changes and amendments to the EMIR reporting framework. Coming into force on April 29, 2024, REFIT will bring additional complexity to the reporting logic, a new XML reporting format and additional requirements for market participants to monitor and manage exceptions.

REGIS-TR's team of experts, together with our state-of-the-art new platform with enhanced product features, will help you navigate these changes before and after REFIT implementation.

Simplification of Complexity

Quick and easy onboarding, self-management of master entity data, and workflow management tools to reduce regulatory burden.

Risk Monitoring and Compliance

State-of-the-art and intuitive user interface for customizable exception reporting and risk management.

Competitively Priced

Fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory pricing on a cost-plus basis.

Some Videos about EMIR REFIT

REFIT General Considerations

In this video, we will explain the Regulatory Fitness and Performance Program ("REFIT"), how it will affect you, and what you should focus on.

Logical Validation Rules

This video explains the function of action types and the applicable logical validation rules that are applied to ensure that lifecycle events are reported in the correct sequential order.

Permission Validation Process

Watch this video to learn about the permission validation process, which verifies that the submitting entity is authorized to report on behalf of another entity.

Amended and Updated Fields Overview

REFIT increases the number of reportable fields from 129 to 203 and revises the reportable values and reporting logic of others. This video will walk you through the most important changes.

Want To Know More?

Our experts would be happy to help you with your questions around EMIR REFIT.

Our Webinars on the Topic

EMIR REFIT Webinar: Reconciliation

This webinar gives an insight into the reconciliation process, reporting, potential issues, a demonstration of the reconciliation tool, and future outlook. (Feb. 2024)

EMIR REFIT Webinar: General

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of our new EMIR REFIT UAT environment, demonstrating its key features and covering topics such as delegation control, common issues and future plans. (March 2024)

EMIR REFIT Webinar: CSV to XML Converter Tool

This session focuses on the CSV to XML converter tool, covering its functionality, test workflows, handling of special cases and future roadmap. (March 2024)

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REFIT will bring many changes. In June 2019, REFIT introduced the exemption to report Intragroup transactions as well as the shift in reporting obligation for the NFC-. Among the most significant changes to come is the adoption of the ISO 20022 standard for the reporting of contracts, the increase in the number of  regulatory reportable and reconcilable fields  as well as the reconciliation of dynamic data such as valuation information, as it is updated daily.