REGIS-TR UK Limited has received its full UK EMIR license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The trade repository was incorporated in March 2019 and has been providing UK EMIR regulatory reporting services since the first business day after Brexit on 4 January 2021.

As the UK remains a major player in European and global finance, REGIS-TR’s top priority was to ensure a continuous service for UK clients and market participants after Brexit. REGIS-TR remains committed to ongoing exponential growth and evolution of its business, both in the UK and the European Union.

John Kernan, CEO of REGIS-TR UK LTD said: “We have had a successful start to UK EMIR reporting since it began in January last year, and we are delighted to be the first TR to receive our full license from the FCA. In the interest of stability for both our clients and the market, it was a natural expansion of REGIS-TR to set up a TR in the UK prior to Brexit and we have also been pleased to see how our offering has resonated with new clients as well as existing ones. We are looking forward to continuing this growth with a full license.”

The philosophy of REGIS-TR UK is to offer a fresh and client-centric alternative for UK reporting needs which has been demonstrated since UK EMIR reporting began.


REGIS-TR, a SIX company, is the leading European trade repository offering reporting services covering all the major European trade repository obligations. In accordance with legislation promoting market transparency, the detail of the trades reported is aggregated to present a composite view of current positions for the benefit of regulatory authorities and market participants. REGIS-TR is open to financial and non-financial companies and institutions.